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``Life isn't fair. It's true, and you still have to deal with it. Whining about it rarely levels the playing field, but learning to rise above it is the ultimate reward`` - Harvey Mackay

A few months ago, people were slapping Hi 5's, hugging, kissing and working together, going about their day to day lives. Things were looking up for the ambitious, others were still grining the machine of daily living, the economy was soaring...

How to pitch into the Growing Gig Economy that is in-demand now. See How You can Take Advantage now!


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Start living a life of fulfillment physically, mentally and economically. Find out how you can transform yourself and your world. With our curated professional and self development empowerment courses. Training workshops, one on one mentorship program and community resources your growth possibilities are endless.

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With Blockgeeks, you’ll have blockchain courses authored by leading experts at your fingertips. It’s relevant, in-depth content that goes beyond the fundamentals to teach you practical skills you can apply immediately.